Ryan Derousseau

In one of Ryan's first jobs as a journalist, over 10 years ago now, there was a large round of layoffs where he saw a number of strong writers lose their position. It was maybe the most poignant experience for someone first stepping into the journalism field.

 While that sad fact has shaped his career, focusing on building out a freelance business, Ryan has turned his attention to what makes writers, journalists, documentary filmmakers and other non-fiction creators do what they do. It's the inspiration for The Push Back.

Ryan, however, is at a crossroads himself. How does he focus on long-form, while long-form seems to be headed towards a death spiral? Hopefully, he can find some creative spirit by talking with these talented creators. 

As a journalist, he's worked for over 10 years, writing for organizations, like Fortune, Money, Fast Company, Washington Post Co. and others. You can find more about him at or follow him on Twitter @ryanderous.