Episode 04 - Writer Ben Strauss

This week we talk to best selling author Ben Strauss, who co-wrote with Joe Nocera Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA. Ben's fascinating because he started out as a press secretary for a congressman in Washington, before switching to a career in investigative sports reporting. The NCAA is a deeply troubling organization to me, since I'm a huge college basketball fan. But this conversation should intrigue anyone that enjoys college sports or just interested in the injustice of a large organization, like the NCAA. 

Oh, and don't mind Ben's cat, who tries to enter the conversation towards the end of the podcast. 

Go here to check out Indentured.

Ben has switched focus to the politicization of sports, and here's some of his recent work. 

And see more of Ben's stuff at his website BenStrauss.net.

As always, thanks to Snowflake for the song Living Nightmare and Bensound for the rest of the music in today's show.