Episode 06 - Director Penny Lane, Part One

We speak with Director Penny Lane about how she got into filmmaking. Even as an MFA student, she didn't consider herself an artist. It was a long, slow process to change that mindset, but it has resulted in two full-length documentaries, Nuts! and Our Nixon, along with a number of short films. 

This week, we're switching up formats. On Tuesday, we will discuss Penny's desire to become a filmmaker, and some of her early struggles, as well as her mindset in picking film subjects. On Friday, we will publish the second part of our conversation, where we discuss Nuts! in detail. Be sure to subscribe or check back!

The work we mention:

You can find all her films at pennylaneismyrealname.com.

Thanks to Snowflake for the song Living Nightmare and Bensound for the rest of the music in today's show.