Episode 11 - Writer Charles Bethea

Charles has been freelancing since 2008, but it hasn't all been easy. The direction of his career started to change a few years ago, when his long-form work took hold, and he began booking The New Yorker, Outside, Men's Journal and many others. You probably read some of his pieces covering Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who ran - unsuccessfully - for a House seat in a district that's a Republican stronghold. But Charles writes on a range of topics, with stories like training under water carrying boulders with NBA player Kyle Korver, tackling the right to die issue, hanging out with Lonely Planet's CEO (whose previous experience was as a wedding photographer), interviewing the person that snagged BarackObama@gmail.com and many others. 

Work we discuss during the conversation: 

To find more of Charles's work, you can find his website at charlesbethea.com or reach him on Twitter @CharlesBethea.

Thanks again to Snowflake for the song Living Nightmare and Bensound for the rest of the music in today's show.