"What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish." -- W. H. Auden

The Push Back is a weekly interview podcast, focused on the work of non-fiction writers, journalists, documentarians and photo-journalists. You may refer to these folks as "the media," but what many of these people are trying to do is create art... and hopefully change the world. No small feat.

On the Push Back, we delve into what makes these creators do what they do, and highlight their work. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes witty, and sometimes downright serious. But through every episode, I hope you learn something about your fellow man, or the profession of creating, or what makes for real T.R.U.T.H.

"There is a tradition that sees journalism as the dark side of literature, with book writing at its zenith. I don't agree. I think that all written work constitutes literature, even graffiti." -- Eduardo Galeano


EPISODE 11: Charles Bethea has been freelancing since 2008, but it hasn't all been easy. The direction of his career started to change a few years ago, when his long-form work took hold, and he began booking The New Yorker, Outside, Men's Journal and many others. You probably read some of his pieces covering Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who ran - unsuccessfully - for a House seat in a district that's a Republican stronghold. But Charles writes on a range of topics, with stories like training under water carrying boulders with NBA player Kyle Korver, tackling the right to die issue, hanging out with Lonely Planet's CEO (whose previous experience was as a wedding photographer), interviewing the person that snagged BarackObama@gmail.com and many others.  


Episode 10 - Writer Eva Holland

We talk to a writer based out of the Yukon Territory in Canada this week. Eva Holland moved to the area a number of years ago, in order to set up her freelance business. She has found it has been a great way to differentiate herself. In doing so, she has become an adventure writer - a surprise to her considering she rarely ever even camped prior to taking this plunge. This pursuit has led her into stories where she's rafting 60 hours in the Yukon waters, learning to mountain climb even though she's afraid of heights, and taking stock of the growing tourism business up North, where climate change's impact has become most prevalent.

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